Proposed Local Policing Priority 2017/18

Great presentation from the Kings RCMP Criminal Intelligence Analyst to the Wolfville RCMP Advisory Board last week. Of interest to residents is the fact that local crimes seem to fall into two categories (1) related to alcohol and (2) crimes of opportunity e.g., recent car thefts are often cars left unlocked by their owners rather than cars that are broken into. Following the presentation the Advisory Board discussed and put forward the following recommendation that will be discussed by Town Council at the February Committee of the Whole and Council meetings:

To reduce property crime in the Town of Wolfville through Education, Collaboration and Action.

  • Educate residents of Wolfville to reduce crimes of opportunity by securing property and vehicles; and
  • Collaborate with community partners to educate the youth demographic of the effects of abuse of alcohol on the Town of Wolfville through property damage and disturbances.

While the Town works with its partners – Acadia Administration, Acadia Student Union (ASU), RCMP, business community, and provincial departments involved in alcohol management there are things we can all do to reduce these property crimes. The easiest may be to remember to lock your cars, lock up bicycles, keep sheds locked – don’t make it easy for crimes of opportunity and convenience.

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