During the Campaign I will use this page to post short video’s, discussions, photos of interest to the upcoming election. Please check in often.

Grapevine Questions – Full Responses

This week the Grapevine – our local community and arts paper – gave all candidates an opportunity to respond to 4 questions. Respondents were limited to a total of approximately 200 words over four questions – a really tall order for me!. I understand space limitations given the number of possible submissions. On the other

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What will our post-Covid-Town be like?

Please note an earlier post of this post somehow “published” an earlier version – I don’t know how. Hopefully this version – not terribly different – but different enough -will be what publishes now 🙂  None of us know when this might happen, but it will, most likely sometime in the next 12 to 18

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Being Community after Being Apart

Has there ever been a family, an organization, a community that hasn’t from time to time had a spat, an argument, and all out rip roaring fight? None that I know. What keeps a family, an organization, a community together after these events is knowing that its future depends on laying aside grievances and adopting

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