Home Stretch for the MPS…

For the past 5 years the Town of Wolfville has been working on a new Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS), Land Use By-law (LUB), and Subdivision By-law. You can find draft 3 of these documents by going to https://www.wolfville.ca/draft-documents.html .

At the October 24th Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting Staff identified a number of issues for additional input and discussion. Some items were of a more general interest e.g., climate change and flood risk mitigation, regional co-ordination, parking requirements, to mention a few. Other’s were more specific to various residential zones e.g., changing R1A  to R2 zoning, changing some areas currently zoned R2/4 in the downtown neighbourhoods to C2.

On November 26th, 1:30 PM a Special Committee of the Whole will receive and consider feedback on these documents so that they may be finalized and proceed to First Reading, public hearing, and Second and Third Reading. The link provided above will take you to all the documents. You may also be interested in the “Zone Analyzer” found at the Growing Together site of the Town’s website. This application enables you to enter your civic address to identify if any changes are proposed for your area. Staff have also provided hard copies of these documents at the Wolfville Library.

Extensive and thoughtful work over the past almost 5 years have brought us to this point. Concern for the environment, livability, and fiscal sustainability are at the heart of most if not all of the policy directions encompassed in these draft documents. While these are living documents some changes made and policies confirmed will be more difficult to change after the fact. As a member of Town Council I urge all residents to become familiar with these documents – at least in a big-picture way. If you have questions or comments now is the time to reach out to Staff. You may always reach out to Members of Council if you are not sure how to find or address your questions.

As always I look forward to hearing from you and knowing what is working and what is of concern. If you can join us on November 26th in the afternoon, please do and if that is not a convenient time don’t hesitate to send your thoughts to staff or a member of Council.


  1. Thanks Wendy—

    You have made substantial progress with the MPS. Congratulations.

    In reviewing the map etc it is good to see that Skyway will be further developed so that it should relieve Main Street traffic somewhat. However, I do not see the provision for long term solutions to the increasing traffic problems from The Irving Station in Grenwich to almost Gran Pre. At times it can take over a half hour to go from one end to the other.

    The only open east-west stretch is the former rail line which should be set aside in the plan to remain a zone for a trail or other public transportation use.

    I am also concerned with the possible flooding of Main Street with the further erosion of the rail line near the Waterfront Park. The Hantsport situation has shown the railway will not fix it. Has this subject been considered in the plan?

    We are heading south so will not be able to attend the public meeting but could write a more detailed letter on this.

    All the best,


    On Sun, Nov 3, 2019 at 2:21 PM Councillor Wendy Donovan wrote:

    > wendydonovanwolfvillecouncil posted: “For the past 5 years the Town of > Wolfville has been working on a new Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS), Land > Use By-law (LUB), and Subdivision By-law. You can find draft 3 of these > documents by going to https://www.wolfville.ca/draft-documents.html . At > ” >


    1. Ah Yes – the search for a new east/west passage! Not sure that the MPS will address that although increasingly it needs addressing. This is one item that would benefit from regional collaboration. As for flood mitigation, there are plans in the capital budget including some work in the very short term to begin addressing that at the East End Gateway. Enjoy your time in the sun Gordon and look forward to reconnecting in the spring, although it is easy to keep connected via FB live and of course email. All the Best Wendy


  2. I don’t know why zoning on Minas view Dr. and area can’t be changed to something allowing at least 2 separate apartments. I am sure a lot of the seniors would consider renting out part of their house instead of living there by themselves! I always hear about a scarcity of affordable rentals. It would be nice for people to at least have that option rather than having to sell and move if the place they own is to big to keep up with.

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    1. I tend to agree Maureen. The last MPS (2010) saw a large contingent of R1 residents speak against that type of change. I believe the concern stemmed in part from what has happened in the near university neighbourhoods (multiple transient rentals in one property) and not wanting that to come into the R1 areas. The law doesn’t allow a municipality to “people plan”. I would like to see opportunities for people in the R1 zone to have a live in caregiver/nanny or someone to assist with property and contribute to costs as people age. This has not been a strong topic of discussion this time round. Suggest you might send your thoughts to staff. Also would be helpful to know what others in the R1 zones feel about that type of option. All the best Wendy


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