Friends of the Library

Learning, creating, socializing, remembering, connecting, growing, economic development, community development…all these things and much more can happen in a library. I know I am not alone in thinking that, as welcoming and well loved as it is,  the Wolfville Library has limits. It’s space – both size and nature of the space – doesn’t allow it to be all that it could be.

Earlier this month the Director of the Annapolis Valley Regional Library and the Town of Wolfville’s representative on the library board, presented  findings of their consultation around future library needs. At Tuesday’s Council meeting (April 17th) Council will consider a motion “That Council support the creation of a “Friends of the Wolfville Library” group. A modern library facility, with modern responsive library services would be a wonderful addition to our Town. This is not something that will happen overnight and much, much, more planning, imagining, and role up your sleeves – and open your wallet – hard work will be needed if this still very new idea can reach fruition. If a new, modern library space, capable of providing the services and experiences of a forward looking library is something you dream of, something you want to support, let Town Council know. More importantly let the library and our representatives know.

Least someone think I was being critical in my introduction please know that is not my intention. As with the evolution of all things it is time, and we have a unique opportunity to do what this Town and its region like to do –  be innovative,  make the connections, find the partners and partnerships, dream the big dreams, be as much or maybe even more than we think we can be.

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