The Library – an Anchor for Development

Wolfville Library ConsultationOn Saturday, November 4th, from 2:30 to 6:00 PM at the Wolfville Market, the Annapolis Valley Library and the Town of Wolfville will be holding an information and consultation session to explore our Town’s library needs and interests.

I believe this is the 4th in a series of posts related to the Wolfville Library – earlier ones focusing on  the value of libraries and what one might put inside these new “enterprises”.

There is another aspect of libraries that library and recreation planners often cite and that is the value these facilities have as anchors of downtown development and redevelopment. Gone are the libraries of yesteryear that were places of quiet reflection. Today’s best libraries are social gathering places, places of creativity and community development, enterprise workshops, places of learning, places that support businesses and business development, and yes places of recreation. And so I am really excited about the potential for a re-envisioned library for Wolfville.

I am hopeful that tomorrow’s session will focus on the possibilities that a truly modern library could bring to our beautiful downtown. I am optimistic that the “imagining” will not be limited by concerns of/love for the existing space. That is not to say that the existing space couldn’t be morphed into a new library. But I hope the discussion will focus on what we want the library to be, what the library could contribute to our businesses, our social life, our lifelong education, our health needs; on how we might work together as a community to bring about this vision. And then, when we know all that it could be, we can step back and look at the best spaces and places to bring that vision to reality.

I look forward to a good turnout tomorrow as we begin – I hope it is a beginning – imagining our library’s future.

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