1. Wendy, The growth of Wolfville as a destination for retirees and tourists is because Main Street has been maintained as quaint. The town has not been ruined by new large buildings that do not fit (other than the apartment building across from town hall.) Main Street and the old homes must be preserved to maintain our character.
    Please make sure we do not allow 5 story buildings that do not fit the architectural guidelines.
    Thanks for all you do.


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    1. Thanks Gordon, the motion at Council this week was to direct staff to limit height in the C1 zone to 3 stories. Staff will now work with this direction and develop the associated policy statements and conditions in the draft MPS which I understand will be complete in draft early in 2018 for final review phases.


      1. Excellent—I missed the meeting as I was in the hospital. Main Street is critical. Hope MPS will look for ways to preserve the old houses on Main Street as some are not economic as private residences. (professional offices?) Do not know solution to East-West traffic. Parking is also a long term issue.


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